Rajapur Ganga and other tourist places

Rajapur Ganga: At distance of 2 kilometre from Rajapur, a holy place "Rajapurchi Ganga" i.e. Holy Ganges of Rajapur is wonder of nature.(ganga photo copyright flickr website)

It is situated at a height 25 metres above height of Rajapur. This place is usually dry. However, all of a sudden water starts flowing in ponds. Barring exceptions, usually it happens once in 3 years. Small tanks are built for storing water and facilitating bathing.

Surprisingly water temperature in these tanks is different from each other, though those are at distance of 1 metre from each other. Approximately after three months, water disappears or stops streaming.

There is a local lore how & why Holy Ganges appeared at this place. Scientifically it could be a long siphon from Sahyadri range. Millions of people visit Ganga for bathing. One of the bigger tank, 'Kashikund' delivers clean water like glass and people believe that bathing in this water will relieve them of sins.

HOT WATER SPRING: At one kilometre distance from Jawahar Chowk, Rajapur, there is Hot Spring. Hot water of this spring is rich with Sulphur and famous for curing skin diseases.

DHOOT PAPESHAWAR: Very old Lord Shiva Temple is situated at 1.5 kilometre Rajapur. There is a picturesque waterfall close to Dhootpapeshwar.

MAHAKALI TEMPLE : Goddess Mahakali, very old temple is close to Rajapur that can be reached by car. It is in Adivare village.

MAADBAN: At a distance of 38 km from Rajapur, and possessed of a good beach. Also there is a Bhagvati temple which is famous.

HOW TO REACH: Rajpur is well connected to Mumbai and Goa by Konkan Railway as well as by Road. Local sightseeing can be by auto or car. Visitors should be ready to enjoy local cuisine as there are no starred hotels. Tourist facilities are not very much developed but basic infrastructure is fine. Major city near Rajapur is Ratnagiri. All trains on Mumbai Goa route stops at Ratnagiri. Rajapur is around 72 kms from Ratnagiri.

Best Season to visit: October to January

Languages Spoken: Marathi & Hindi. Educated people understand English and a few can speak English fluently.

Other places in and around Rajapur:
* A mega shipyard Rajapur Shipyards Pvt. Ltd is coming up on the seafront about 25 km from Rajapur.
* Yeshwantgad, an island fortification.
* Bhoo cool summer place.
* Vatul Village close to Mumbai Goa Highway. Swaymbhu Mahadev & Adhisthi Devi temples, Wandertek Sunset point, Vatul Dam
* "Shembavane" is a small village in Rajapur, 7 km from Rajapur City and 8 km from Rajapur Railway Station. This village situated in all around mountains and forest.
* "Ozar" is situated 9km from Mumbai Goa Highway, there is a famous big waterfall named "OZARKOND".
* "Sagve" is situated 30km from Rajapur. Sagve is situated in coast of Arabian Sea. This is beautiful place specially in Rainy season. This is small valley with beautiful Sunrise and Sunset point. It is well-known for Katra Devi yatra.


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