Wildlife Sanctuaries in Konkan

The Sahyadris or the western ghats run quite close and almost parallel to the west coast of the state, leaving a very narrow strip of land between the sea and lofty mountain barrier. This narrow strip of land, which from Daman to Vangurala is about 560 kms., is Konakn.

The great mountain wall is fretted by deep canyons and valleys into spectacular butts and pinnacles. Sandwiched between the sea on one side and steep mountain on the other, the Konkan combines a climate, both of the mountainous tract as well as shore land, with extreme humidity and heavy rains (more then 3500mm).

The rivulets and streams which have to flow only a few kilometers, before they pour out into sea, are in spate as long as the rains last and dry out soon after. The plateaus and higher elevations are covered by a mantle of evergreen vegetation, which lends Konkan its mystical scenic appeal and also its floral and faunal wealth.

Beautiful and scenic Konkan has four wildlife sanctuaries, including the Malvan sanctuary, only marine sanctuary of Maharashtra, in Sindhudurg district.

Sanctuaries in Konkan (Click on the link below to know more)

4. Tansa, Thane.
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